Jamboree Numero 23
Aprile/Maggio 2000
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Black Cat Bones: blues con le mani
Boss Sounds
Celentano in Francia
Clan Celentano storia + discografia
Daytona Ray & the GooGooBombos - intervista
Delfini – story + discografia
Donahue Troy – biografia + film
Dr. Ring Ding & Senior All Stars al Blues House
Eastwood Eva
Frankie Boy records – label story
Fumetti: ‘The Fizz vs. the ugly deep space ménage!’ by GianLuca
Hickey Ersel: non c’era solo Elvis
Highfill George
Keeble Billy
Luky Linetti & the Thunderstorms band story
Mayfield Curtis: tributo
Novità gruppi stranieri
On the soul side
Red Cat swing band story
Regents: doo wop corner
Rhythm Riot collage
Scott Jack: scheda
Snow Hank tributo
Vaughan Frankie story + discografia e film
Vignocchi Renato tributo

+ 8 cartoline gruppi al centro
Young Country
The Pretty Face
French & the Firebirds
Roo Testini
Blast Off
The Red Wagons
Lucky Gamblers
Charlie Rock