Jamboree Numero 41
Dicembre 2003/Gennaio 2004
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Bronson Charles: lost stars of Hollywood
Cash Johnny: the singin’ story teller
Cat Pack – band story
De Ville Willy – live a La Spezia
Duvall Huelyn story
Gstaad Country Night
Hepcat: rubrica swing
Hope Bob – biografia + film
Kidd Johnny & the Pirates: scheda
Sanson Yvonne – breve biografia
Scimmie, Le: intervista (gruppo beat femminile)
Skinner Jimmie: box Bear Family
Small Faces: the young mods’ story we can’t forget (1 parte)
Stack Robert: biografia + film
Summer Jamboree 2003 – collage
Surfer Joe festival
Ward Billy & the Dominoes: doo wop corner
Wiseman Mac: box Bear Family